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Excellent game. Good controls, varied weapons and a suitable map choice. However, the text is too small and blocky which makes it very hard to read. Other than that, this is real good!

thdMM responds:

Thank you!

I can see you put a bit of effort in. However, it just isn't good. The clash of art styles in the game looks ugly. When you die, you just become invisible and watch the red squares fall to the bottom repeatedly. Overall, not a very good game.

The nice art style, great controls, and excellent game mechanics make this a definite save for the site! The box mechanic is very interesting and unique.

Not much in the term of graphics. The gameplay is fun, addictive and challenging. It seems like the kind of game in which you would come back to just to see if you can beat it in fewer deaths than last time.

Game-Ridge responds:

Thank you for your honest fee back! I'm glad to hear that it is fun and the game is still in early development and the graphics will improve. Once again thank you for your honest feedback.

Really fun! It looks good (apart from the wheel which looks crustily cut out). The controls are easy to use but the physics provide a challenge. I also like the hand-drawn look of the controls.

Very good! Love the art style and the gameplay. It covers most issues that these kinds of games have and the art is consistent. Overall, an enjoyable game!

Bad graphics, repetitive gameplay.

Nothing new. It is an alright rage game. The sprites don't mix which suggests that this uses premade assets. Being a troll game does not excuse bad sprites.

The game's sprites are dull and boring. It uses sprites from Mario and Zelda and is very confusing. I can see the effort put into it but it just ends up getting drowned out by the bad parts of the game. The hitbox is also a bit odd.

33xarf responds:

I will change the hit boxes and I'll add a button to turn off or on the sound. The sword and the coin were added very late into development and will change them to reflect the game's aesthetic

Physics works well and the actual game looks nice. I think that it is an alright effort for 14 hours. The start button's font is a little odd with the green inside and choppy look. Other than that, this is a great game!

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